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Understanding what she wanted from him, he gladly complied and pulled her in his embrace. "Well, she can't expect everything to be the same after everything that happened between you and Tian Yuo, right? Plus, standing in a third person's perspective, she was saying contradictive words. On one end she was saying how much she loves you. On the other end, she was keeping you selfishly by using your mother's last wish as a coerce tool for you to stay."


She might even die from bleeding if the rest were extracted. The originally white towel was now red, stinky and mushy with pieces of mouth gum stuck to it. Once that part was completed, Kitty smudged the blood from the claw side onto Karen's clothing.


"Listen to me carefully, for every hour that passes that Susu remains like this, I will break every tiny, little bone in your body. There are approximately 206 bones in an adult's body, and I will start with your smallest bone. If she dies, you will not die easily. I won't give you a quick death. Even if Susu survives, you're not getting away from any of us." Chen Mu's chilling tone was similar to the touch of a sharp cold blade's tip against the back of one's neck, making every strand of hair on her body stand up uncomfortably.


"Let's have a baby." Before he had the chance to withdraw his hand around her waist, she had taken his lips with hers. It was so sudden that he didn't have time to prepare for her attack. Still, he managed to catch on with her pace and kissed her back sloppily.


He was furious at Zin Leung's words, "If he says that because Susu still has his family name, then I'll make her a Chen! There, I will have every damn right to interfere now while they can escort their asses out of our sight. They've tortured her enough, and I won't allow anyone to make her shed another tear."


"Mm.. Ready." She replied reassuringly as their fingers intertwined. Slowly, his penis spread her lips opened and entered her.

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She sounded proud that something could finally prove her point to him. He lowered his head and leaned on the edge of the table as they continued their conversation. "How many things has she told me were actual lies? We were like 6 or 7 years old, so I naturally thought that a kid wouldn't lie about getting abused by their step siblings. I never thought that it would be the other way around."


Zin Leung bent his fingers making rock shaped fists, "Business is business. Private matters should remain as private matters. If you don't know how to separate these two subjects, I will not press this against you as long as you reverse everything."


"How do you know I wasn't thinking of somebody else? Hmmm?" She turned around and reciprocated the hug while letting out soft laughs. He bent down slightly and brushed his nose against hers a few times, "Because I'm the worm in your stomach. I know everything about you."


Lily and Ariana sat on the couch in Susu's room with their feet stomped on Kitty's back to keep her disfigured cheek lay flat against the cold floor. Kitty's nose and neck was sore to the point where it hurts to move at the slightest angle. In the middle of waiting for Chen Mu and Lin Que to come back, somebody's phone vibrated multiple times.


Zi Yan offered to compensate gifts to Chen Nan and Adriana, but he refused.


"Sure. I'll be good to go by then. By the way, why did you suddenly decide that you wanted to cook for him? Didn't you hate oil splashes and preparing the dishes?" Susu wondered what could have changed her mind so quickly. Just the other day Susu was listening to her talk about hiring a chef or something.


"He said that his friend was injured partly because of the chip. It makes me feel uncomfortable and disturbed knowing that my mom and I have the chip. It's because of us that his friend got hurt." Susu lowered her head as her fingers rubbed against each other roughly.



When he reached her wet entrance, he let his fingertips kiss her insides as it slid in and out of her. His mouth captured one nipple as the other hand groped her butt cheeks and pulled her body closer to his erection. Once his fingers found her G spot, it continuously teased her until her legs lost its strength.



"Thank you for always being there for me, supporting me endlessly and unconditionally. Thank you for coming into my life and giving me this chance to dote on you like this. Thank you for staying by my side and making my life much happier than it was than before. And finally, thank you for giving me your love, heart, body, and everything any man could ever ask for. I love you dearly and will always do."


He leads her into the private room where he rested in when he was too tired to go home. After that, he gave her another kiss before closing the door and replied to his assistant, "You can send them in."


"Are you sure she's not in there? If I send my men in there, are you sure that they won't find traces of her anywhere?" The old man showed doubt in Alexander's response.

  • As instructed by Zi Yan, everyone became more cautious and would always be on guard wherever they went. Susu was not left alone for even a minute ever since the drug incident. Although she felt relieved, she also felt like she became everyone's burden.
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