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While he struggled to make an inner conflicted decision, he didn't notice that she was already awake and was secretly peeking at him. She thought he looked too adorable, so she didn't call out to him. Instead, she waited to find the perfect chance to play some tricks on him. When drawing swirls using her finger tips on his butt cheeks didn't get his attention, she retracted her hands and laid on her back with her front body facing the ceiling.


Once Chen Mu had finished speaking to the crowd outside Susu's room, everyone looked gravely pale. "How could this be?" Lily mumbled several times while Ariana spat out curses at Kitty. After a few minutes, Lily, Ariana and Chen Nan went back to look after Susu. Meanwhile, Professor Luo Xia and Zi Yan spaced out in the waiting area, slowly processing what they've just heard.


Chen Mu let out a scornful chuckle, "Sure! You know your operations better than I do. Don't think that just because I normally address you politely, you can climb on top of my head and order me around. You're only using what you have to try to win over what I just claimed. If you ask yourself honestly, when is Susu's birthday? Hmm? Can any of you whose and what's answer me?"


"Oh..then I should tell you how grateful and thankful I feel as well for being your first. I was so ready to make all your bad experiences into good ones, but now, I've already accomplished it. Because you're exclusively mine now. No matter when and how, you can't ever get rid of me." He brought his lips closer to hers as he finished his words and finished up with a kiss.


"Yep. If not, then my introduction of her being my girlfriend would be so dull and meaningless. With your words, I believe everyone is clear of how amazing this girl is. It is my luck possibly from ten lifetimes combined or even longer to have met her, fell in love with her, and wooed her with my sincerity. Everyone, I want to announce to you. This beautiful and pure hearted woman is Yin Susu; my one and only girlfriend. I'm expecting her to change her surname in the future, though, so the surname really doesn't matter much for now."


"Y..You remember me?" A part of her felt very relieved, yet many knots tightened in her chest as she made an attempt in creating a conversation with Susu.

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"No. It's not fine. Once again, I failed to protect someone close to me. Even though we've met not too long ago, I've decided to treat her like my own sister. I was right there, yet I didn't find anything wrong with that infusion. Susu even mentioned the timing being off, but we trusted that bitch! What should I do? What if she never wakes up?"Tears streamed heavily down her cheeks as she blamed herself for what had happened.


"Till death does us part. I promised that I would continue holding your hand until I can't anymore. This wedding ring..I hope I will be able to put it back on this finger later. For now, I'll secure it around your neck. This chain is customized to only unlock with a passcode. Our wedding anniversary."


Everything was so peaceful and quiet that they closed their eyes and enjoyed each other's company. After the elevator incident from today, Susu had felt disgusted, but once she was in Chen Mu's embracing, she felt significantly better. Only she knew how much she loved his scent and the comfort he provides.


"A little over twenty minutes." Lily checked her watch and crumbled the pages of the magazine that was on the table. She blamed herself for not asking more questions and being more attentive to details. Perhaps symptoms had already shown since the beginning, but they were too concentrated on their conversations that they took Susu's behaviors lightly.


By the time everyone woke up, Susu and Chen Mu were still asleep. Lily stayed behind as Chen Nan and Ariana went out to grab some breakfast. Meanwhile, Lin Que went back to the lab to see if he could find more information about the drug.


"What's wrong?" She asked as she patted his back. The alcohol scent was so strong that she almost wanted to send him upstairs to his room. Even though she said she wouldn't care about what he does from then and on, he was still her child. Seeing him like this is not what she wanted.


Zi Yan had her own thoughts in mind as she didn't like wasting her energy in making humans disappear. She detested the fact that such vicious people exist, but she could only punish them for what they've done to either her or her family. It's been a long time since she last made a move on someone.



"Also, it sounds like Chen boy passed your test, but it doesn't mean that he will pass mine. We will see whether he passes my exam. Men are full of sweet words, but how many of them actually meant it? Just like wedding vows. Everyone says it and no matter how pleasing it is to ones ears, who could guarantee that they wont break apart in the future? I'd love to meet him."



"Uh huh. Seems like you have a lot of confidence in him. What if he doesn't torture these donkeys the way you would feel satisfied with?" She smiled as she sent another email as a response to the footage email that she sent to Chen Mu. In the subject line, she purposely captioned it, "For Mister Huang Zhi Hei." Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.


How could he tell her that she wouldn't be going home anytime soon? How could he look at her and tell her that she would only feel more tired as days go by? He couldn't, at least not at the moment.


Sometimes he would notice a slight frown on her face, which made him wonder if she was having a nightmare. She woke up twice with her droopy eyelids, but his warm forehead kisses put her back to sleep in his embrace. At one point, she whispered as she dozed off, "We..lcome home.."

  • Before she got off the stool, she stuck out the index finger from both hands and used the fingertips to lift the corners of his lips, making it into a smile. "See? That's the handsome, confident Chen Mu that I know." She giggled before heading back to the kitchen to wash up and prepare for dinner.
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